Appraisers can tell how photography can be old?

People have been taking photographs for 200 hundred years now, and somehow this old discipline has been replaced with modern technologies. Now photos serve us as memories, but experts predict that only one photograph in 20 years can be truly called as rare one. Based on some estimates, there are literally thousands of millions of photos around the world, but the only small percentage are of collecting interest. Appraisers face different challenges when assessing the value of a photograph because there are a lot of factors to reconsider which will bring one picture a real value.

Which factors are important

When evaluating a photo, appraisers need to pay attention to a photographer, subject matter, condition, inscription or autographs and provenance, which includes ownership history. Also, are there any similar photographs which are sold in past auctions and if it’s a vintage print? The market demands are accurate, but people mostly request pictures of presidents and Civil War items and president Lincoln is one of the most sought-after items on the market.

Experts predict that 95% of valuable photographs are made by 60 photographers, and they date from 1840 to this year. Their historical value doesn’t play a significant role, but the artists who made such photographs. One of the most prestigious photographers of that time were William Henry Jackson, Eadweard Muybridge and Carlton Watkins.

The research is involved

When evaluating vintage photographs, appraisers face a lot of difficulties because they need to determine the real value of some photo. Sometimes a lot of factors can decide the price of one photograph, that’s why it’s imperative not to make a mistake. Otherwise, their reputation would be at stake. If clients believe that they have a precious photo, they should call a skilled appraiser, and they usually charge between 30$ and 80$. Of course, you can use other means to discover the value, like using old historic recordings and museum reports. But, the best solution would be to hire an appraiser because they are skilled professionals who will provide you the best assessment.