There are several demands a qualified appraiser needs to meet to assess an artwork.

Good education

One of the biggest requirements when it comes to evaluating some artwork is for professional to have a good education. A qualified appraiser is a professional who has met the minimum education and experience requirements in a particular matter of subject. The provided education will give appraisers immense opportunities to further succeed in their career.

Must be certified

To receive certificates, appraisers must earn appraisal designation from a respectable and recognized organization. This designation is rewarded on two conditions, when an individual has demonstrated competency in evaluating some artwork, or when he has met the minimum education and experience requirements.

Complete coursework

A number of comments focused on education and experience. Several commenters suggested that an appraiser’s evidence of education and experience should be required to be verifiable as provided in section 170(f)(11)(E)(iii)(I). The proposed regulations incorporate this suggestion by requiring a statement in the appraisal of the appraiser’s specified education and experience in valuing the relevant type of property. The proposed regulations also require the appraiser to complete coursework in valuing the category of property that is customary in the appraisal field for an appraiser to value.

One commenter indicated that some of its appraiser employees may have significant experience but lack formal education, and suggested that “education and experience” be interpreted as “education or experience.” The commenter also asked that the “education and experience” requirement be applied to a group of appraisers rather than individually. The proposed regulations do not adopt these suggestions because they are contrary to the section 170(f)(11)(E) requirement that the person who signs the appraisal report be an individual with the requisite education and experience in valuing the relevant type of property. However, the proposed regulations define education broadly to include coursework obtained in an employment context, provided it is similar to an educational program of an educational institution or a generally recognized professional appraisal organization.

Additional requirements

There are some other requirements an appraiser needs to fulfill to become certified. He has to be compensated for the services he’s providing. On the other hand, an appraiser won’t become certified or be treated as qualified, if he has been banned from practicing. He is not allowed to make any violation in last three years, for an appraisal to be valid. The decision whether an appraiser is submitted based on his education and work.