How Art Appraisers Give High or Low Values to Artwork

Putting a price on art might not be something that involves a lot of expertise, but evaluating an artwork requires a lot of knowledge. It takes a lot of time, studying and reviewing because there is no a pattern which can tell you the high or the low value of some art. But, there are still some methods you can use to evaluate a specific piece of art.


The main rule art appraisers utilize when evaluating an artwork is to observe an object with their own eyes. Only in rare occasions, they rely on the opinion of other experts, for example, museum curator or scholar. On the other hand, some people use online appraisers, but it’s not recommended. Keep in mind that art appraisers can be skilled for only one area. It is always better to say that you don’t have the expertise, then to give the wrong assessment because no one can know everything.


Art appraisers read a lot, and they use all the available means in order to provide the correct evaluation. Any kind of relevant fast which are provided by the owner about the piece of art is useful and highly recommended to use. It gives additional information and can help them greatly in further assessment.

High and low values

The market is pretty unpredictable, and it tends to be lower than for insurance replacement value. On the other hand, there is no particular rule when to go high or low. It mostly depends on the individuals who are ready to purchase unique artwork.  At some point, some art can be very cheap, but in a few years, its value can be tremendous. In this case, a real art appraiser should point out these important segments and help you make the right decision.

Appraisal’s advice

In most cases, appraisers are skilled and highly educated professionals, and their recommendation can help you a lot, just make sure to find the one who doesn’t have a conflict of interests. His purpose is to tell you which approach to take.